SNS embraces various ministries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are:

THE EVANGELISM INSTITUTE is a school that offers a 10-week course which teaches persons how to witness for Christ.  The Institute’s  curriculum includes lessons covering, Fear and Faith; The Witnessing Guide; ABC’s of Evangelism; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; The Approach, and Role Play.  All lessons are centered around Jesus Christ’s virgin birth, vigorous sinless life, vicarious death, vital burial, victorious resurrection, vivid ascension back to heaven and future visual second return.

The Institute has graduated 250 students and trained approximately 20 churches in Shreveport, Alexandria and Hammond, Louisiana and as far as Montgomery, Alabama.  The graduating students take evangelism back to their various churches and in addition, some have implemented their own personal efforts.   The Institute is staffed by a dean, instructions and assistants.  (Matthew 28:19-20)

THE EVANGELISM ASSOCIATION focuses on spreading the message of Jesus Christ by going door to door throughout local communities.  This is the solid work of SNS because we believe that if one learns how to witness then witness he must.  SNS witness to all who will listen.   We share Scripture, prayer, testimony and encouragement.  Many have been led to Christ, baptized and placed in local churches of their choice all because SNS gets out of the huddle (Church), goes into the puddle (community/world) and give a cuddle (agape love).  We are with Christ after the lost in the highways and hedges compelling men to come to Him.  This is our work and we cannot stop, why should the work cease?  (Acts 1:8; Nehemiah 6:3)

THE THEATRICAL MINISTRY spreads the message of Jesus Christ through drama, including plays, skits, spiritual dance and drill.  This ministry has received recognition from newspapers like The Shreveport Times and The Shreveport Sun.  It has been spotlighted on at least three local television stations.  One thousand plus persons have packed the Theatre to see Spiritual proclamations which combine today’s compelling issues with Scripture and make a profound impact on the lives of men. (John 12:32)

LAMBS’ LEAD is a group of young people ages 12-17 who witness Christ one on one to their peers through unique and interesting workshops, drama, dance, personal testimony and drill.  They are trained and unashamed. (Romans 1:16)

YOUNG ADULTS MINISTRY  (YAM) consist of young adults ages 18-40 who devote their time and talent to nursing home and prison ministry.